How to solve Raster tile errors in mapbox (16 bits, .tiff, KML)

We have climate variables in a raster (.tif,GeoTIFF formats)and we are trying for a very long to upload these on Mapbox. Here are some of the problems we are facing.

  1. The Mapbox does not support 16-bit raster For this, we converted he rasters to 8 bit, but then the raster loses in values and thus color coding is not possible

  2. converting in kml format We tried to convert raster layers in kml format however the size increases substantially > 350 mb for a raster file of 3 mb. Also, we have upload limits per file.

We have seen many companies upload their raster data on ArcMap online in pixel format with color. IS there any way we can do on mapbox or should we look for alternatives like ArcMap online where uploading rasters in kml is comparatively easier?

Thank you for considering this question.

Mapbox errors with .tiff and kml file 16bit rasters