strtotime() shows the same date in Laravel

I'm having a problem with my date format. created_at does not display the same date as in my database. but due_date is working fine. Before this I used $c->created_at->format("d/m/yy") and the flow was okay but for certain reason I need to change it. It is because now I use this code in my index():

$pending = DB::table('complaints')
    return view('contractors.complaints.index.pending', compact('pending'));

If I use above code with $c->created_at->format("d/m/yy") in my view, it will shows error something like format() on string?

The problem occur here, in my view:

<td>{{date('d/m/yy', strtotime($c->created_at))}}</td>
<td>{{date('d/m/yy', strtotime($c->due_date))}}</td>


if (count($request->defect_id) > 0) {
   foreach($request->defect_id as $item=>$v) {
       $data = array(
          'created_at' => Carbon::today()->toDateString(),
          'due_date' => Carbon::today()->addDays(30),
          'updated_at' => Carbon::now()->toDateTimeString(),


It still counting the addDays(30). It just the created_at display 14/10/2020 even though I created it just now, supposedly it displays 16/10/2020. What I need to do to make sure my controller and view is working perfectly without any error?