IllegalStateException during deployment: Operator IN on type requires a Collection argument

I want to create this Spring Data Repository:

API Endpoint using specification-arg-resolver:

    public Page<CustomersFullDTO> getAllBySpecification(
                    @Spec(path = "status", spec = In.class),
            }) Specification<Users> specification,
            Pageable pageable
    ) {
        return customersService.getAllBySpecification(specification, pageable)
                .map(g -> CustomersFullDTO.builder()


public interface CustomersService {
    Page<Users> findAll(int page, int size);

    Page<Users> getAllBySpecification(final Specification<Users> specification, final Pageable pageable);


public Page<Users> findAll(int page, int size) {
    return dao.findAllByTypeIn(PageRequest.of(page, size), "CustomerUser");

public Page<Users> getAllBySpecification(Specification<Users> specification, Pageable pageable) {
    return this.dao.findAllByTypeIn(specification, pageable, List.of("CustomerUser"));


public interface CustomersRepository extends JpaRepository<Users, Integer>, JpaSpecificationExecutor<Users> {

    Page<Users> findAllByTypeIn(Pageable page, String... types);

    Page<Users> findAllByTypeIn(Specification<Users> specification, Pageable pageable, List<String> types);

When I deploy the package I get this error:

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Operator IN on type requires a Collection argument, found interface in method public abstract org.engine.plugin.production.service.CustomersRepository.findAllByTypeIn(,,java.util.List).

Do you know how this issue can be fixed?