Highly Available DB with consistent hashing P2P design

I am learning about HA DBs


According to the above, here is how writes/reads happen in this system

Write request:

A client can contact any node in the ring with a put() request to write data, this node acts as a coordinating node for this request. Coordinating node then forwards the request to the mapping nodes for the data(hashing) and waits for acknowledgement from them. When it receives W(explained later) acknowledgements, it returns a write-accepted message to the client.

Read request:

To perform a get() request, client can connect to any node in the ring which becomes the coordinating node for this request. The coordinating node then asks all replica nodes for this data and returns consolidated data to the client when R of them replies back.

Read and Write consistency:

W and R are called write and read consistency number respectively. To recap, W is the minimum number of nodes from which the coordinating node should get an ack before making a write successful and R is the minimum number of nodes from which the coordinating node should get back read values to return them back to the client.

R & W together forms quorum of the system. For a read to be consistent(return the latest write), we need to keep W + R > P.

Depending on the feature requirement W and R can be adjusted, for example to have very fast writes we can keep W = 1 and R = P. If our system is read heavy we can keep R = 1 and W = P. If read and write are equally distributed, we can keep both R and W as (P+1)/2.

Can all the shards/nodes on the consistent hashing ring act as mapping, replica and coordinating nodes ? Can the mapping logic exist on the nodes on the ring ? How do we decide which node a client gets to contact ?