How to get historical data of question and answers from stackoverlfow exchange without throttling?

I am trying to read all AAD related questions and answers from stack overflow api!BLIw93LDFyFBUjlepdSTkMo7r6Pkpx&q=listOfTags by passing set of tags, since we are trying to get the data from July 1st 2019, our ADF pipeline is kept getting throttling issue and even if we set the wait time for 1 minutes and our ETL is very slow and its running forever.Could you help us on the following questions ?.

Current Approach (very slow)

  1. I am using ADF to Pull the all the questions (iterating through page by page using until activity) which meets the tags and load the data into sql enter image description here
  2. Pass the question id to this api!0U7YRMKgNJq(Exonzn(PdiZE5&site=stackoverflow&run=true to get all the answers for respective question and then load the result into sql.

Questions :

  1. Is there a direct backend (Kusto or sql or cosmos etc.) we can get the data than calling the API to get the question and answers ? if so how do we get the access to the backend?
  2. What is the efficient approach to pull the historical data without throttling from stackoverflow?