SSR is necessary in a E-commerce?

I'm making a website for selling online content. It is almost ready, but now close to the launch my team and I remember the SEO. During the research, in addition to REACT-HELMET I found REACT-SSR. It seemed very complicated, but we need our website to be well ranked and appear at the top of the index.

So is SSR practically mandatory?

I ask for some tips on how to do the SSR the right way. Can we do it without NEXT.JS?

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  • answered 2020-10-23 00:06 tobzilla90

    Next JS will improve the SEO and the speed of the first meaningful paint for your application. For a e-commerce site it is mandatory to have good SEO to get traffic trough Search Engines. I would highly recommend to build the application with NextJS. With NextJS you can also decide to have static rendered pages for sites such as "About Us" or other rarely changing CMS Pages which will improve the speed of the application. I think it is easier to go and build a large Application for a e-commerce store with NextJS than choosing libraries such as React-SSR. Another big plus of NextJS is the routing system.

    This article here explains the benefits very well:,time%20to%20start%20using%20Next.