How to force installation of package to site-packages using pip from VCS

I'm trying to install {my_package} from VCS (GIT) in such way

  • conda activate {env}
  • cd {path}
  • pip install -e git+git@{REPO}.git@{branch}#egg={my_package}

After successful installation I imported {my_package} and get the right result for all tests. But:

  • I check PYTHON/envs/{env}/Lib/site-packages and didn't find {my_package} folder. Found only such file {my_package}.egg-link with the following content "{path}\src{my_package} \n."
  • I opened this path and found {my_package} installed there

How to force installation of {my_package} to PYTHON/envs/{env}/Lib/site-packages/{my_package}?

Thank you.

PS - installation with git clone -> python install works fine and install {my_package} to the right folder PYTHON/envs/{env}/Lib/site-packages/{my_package}