React Router: Selective route props passing to children

Consider the following example:

return (
        <Route component={Table} path='/table' />

Let's assume we're on the /table route the entire time.

Whenever the URL changes, the Router will re-render one of the Route components (even when the path doesn't change, see:

My users like to share the URLs with each other and expect the displayed page to be more or less the same. Therefore, I need to store some information into the URL, e.g. /table?country=Narnia. The problem is, when I append or edit the search query, the child component will be re-rendered (because the search inside props.location changed), which will in turn trigger the update of its children and so on. In truth, only a part of the page needs to take into account this change inside the URL, e.g. table might apply some sort of filtering logic to the data.

What is the best way to achieve this behavior? I am talking about the likes of useSelector in Redux or Context Provider Pattern with React's Context.

Using useLocation/useMatch in nested children will also result in unwanted renders - one component might be interested in changes to parameter country, but some other might want subscribe to parameter age. useLocation would cause both to re-render when the url changes.

I am trying to avoid writing custom useEffect to control rendering of components subscribing to route changes.