Keyboard settings keep adding removed language (Windows)

I have a Windows 10 laptop with a Belgian AZERTY keyboard built in and an external AZERTY keyboard pretty much always connected. My language settings were set to Dutch (Belgium), but I also have a Japanese language pack installed. I frequently switch between Dutch and Japanese text input.

Lately, I thought about trying QWERTY for a change. I switched the language to Dutch (Netherlands), since QWERTY keyboards are standard there and the layout makes a lot more sense. I removed Dutch (Belgium) as a language option and so had just Dutch (Netherlands) and Japanese to toggle between, with Dutch being the system language.

The thing is, Windows keeps re-adding Dutch (Belgium) to my list of languages and keyboard inputs, that is, the little language indicator in the bottom right of the task bar. If I then click language preferences, it only lists Dutch (Netherlands) and Japanese though, so I can't remove it. This simply gets annoyong since I'm used to quickly switch between languages with ALT + SHIFT, but having a third language messes that up.

Is there any way to permanently remove Dutch (Belgium)? For what it's worth, I am actually in Belgium at the moment and I bought the laptop here and as I mentioned, the keyboard does have the AZERTY layout.

Thanks in advance.