C# elasticsearch infer document types on multiple index queries

I'm performing my search query on several indices and thus I might have several data types in result list.

(I am using C#, .NEST library for fetching results) Example:

var queryResult = await _elasticClient.SearchAsync<object>(q => q
                .Query(s => s
                     /// ... some query logic doesn't really matter

The Result set might be something like this:

  "LastName": 0,
  "listType": [1,2,3],
  "Name": "alex"
  "amount": 5,
  "amountType": "usd"

queryResult.Documents I'm receiveing all this data as Dictionary<string,string> types, but I want to receive them as various POCO (Plain old C# object) objects according to their json types. Basically I need .Nest to infer indices of different documents and parse them to according POCO objects.

Is there any way to determine index types via .Nest itself or can I use some json parsing library instead like Newtonsoft.Json