IHM comunication with Api for CQRS+ES

I started to develp a new project with CQRS/ES. As I understand, one command raised a new event. So, I developped a web api with one action mapped to one command.

List of api action :

    [Route("api/user/create"), HttpPost]
    public Task<IActionResult> Handle(Commands.Create command)
    => HandleCommand(command);

    [Route("api/user/update/name"), HttpPost]
    public Task<IActionResult> Handle(Commands.UpdateName command)
    => HandleCommand(command);

In my IHM project developped with Blazor, how to communicate with the web api ? Foreach change in a textbox, i send a http post ? it's not really a best solution.

I prefer to add a submit button and send one http post. For this solution, how do I communicate all of user's action to web api ?