How to exclude characters only after digits in pattern matching?

I am new to regex and want to exclude all characters that come after digits, and that particular word eg. 56B will comes at last for the whole string. The reason for excluding it that I have to replace all other things with blank i.e. ''

Here is my regex



H.F. Dresselhuisstraat 6a
Saftlevenstraat 17b
Industrieweg 36-A

Desired Result

H.F. Dresselhuisstraat 6
Saftlevenstraat 17
Industrieweg 36-


H.F. Dresselhuisstraat a
Saftlevenstraat 17b
Industrieweg 36-A

I want to remove whole strings except characters that come after digits. Please guide me to make it work. Thanks in advance.