How to make a transliteration app for Kotlin Android studio

I have a problem with replacement of each element in arrays

    button.setOnClickListener {
        val string = editText.text.toString()
        textView.text = string

fun belrusToEngTranlit(text: String): String? {
    val abcCyr = arrayOf("a", "б", "в", "г", "д", "ё", "ж", "з", "и", "к", "л", "м", "н", "п", "р", "с", "т", "у", "ў", "ф", "х", "ц", "ш", "щ", "ы", "э", "ю", "я")
    val abcLat = arrayOf("a", "b", "v", "g", "d", "jo", "zh", "z", "i", "k", "l", "m", "n", "p", "r", "s", "t", "u", "w", "f", "h", "ts", "sh", "sch", "", "e", "ju", "ja")
    return StringUtils.replaceEach(textView, abcCyr, abcLat)

In java I could use StringUtils but in kotlin I can't. What should I use?