How to find bigger than 2 Tenure number -on cvs flie in python

I am working on cvs file with Pandas.

import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv('/gdrive/MyDrive/sublist.csv', index_col='Username')
#Print all db

All db Username to Founder

#Print random row

That is random row

My cvs file is All db

With this code i can easly print my database cvs file. And select random row in my cvs file. But I want to find "Tenure" number which are bigger than 2.

from pandas import DataFrame 

df = DataFrame('/gdrive/MyDrive/sublist.csv', columns = ['Username', 'Tenure']) 

print("Original data frame:\n") 
# Selecting the product of Price greater  
# than or equal to 25000 
select_prod = df.loc[df['Tenure'] >= 1] 
# Print selected rows based on the condition 
print("Selecting rows:\n") 
print (select_prod) 

Something wrong on my Dataframe

I did something wrong but i can't figure out. Pls help me. I used different library but i cant find best one.