gulp concatenate multiple js files but dependency path cause error

I am using Nodejs- v12.9.0 & gulp-4.0.2

I am concatenating all my js files from root & src directory in to a single file dist/src/allJs.js.

Problem: the dependent modules are not being resolved. My app.js file is at root level & log.js file is under the /src dir.

  • Src
    • log.js
    • abc.js
  • app.js
  • main.js

app.js file has this statement 'var log = require('./src/log');'

Gulp does concatenate & minify without error but when i run my 'allJs.js' file it gives me below error. Error: Cannot find module './src/log'

My gulp task:

function copyOtherJs(){
    return src(['src/*.js', 'app.js', 'main.js'], { sourcemaps: true })