Create a top-to-bottom view on a rendered 3D image (created from stacks of images)?

I have a 200 slices of JPG images and I would like to render them as 3D image. I have successfully created one (rendered 3D image) by using ImageJ (Fiji) application. However, I would like to create a slice view from top to bottom as a 3D image. I attached an illustration here.

In the ImageJ, it is almost similar to the Reslice [/]… function in the image - stacks - reslice[/]… menu. However, I would like the view to be 3D. I have tried many software to create such a view, but in my opinion, the 3D image created by ImageJ is still the best. Does anyone have any suggestion of what application I should use to achieve this or is it possible to create one using ImageJ?

Thank you very much.