UI Test automation Scaffolding and Naming for some shared code between test classes

What is standard scaffolding for UI Test Automation (Page Object Model Pattern). I am using selenium with Page Object Model.

Biggest trouble I am facing is what and how should I name folder and files for methods which are common across the multiple test files and test cases. I do not like the name 'Util' or 'Helpers'.

Any suggestions for

  1. Repositories

    ◦ DB Connection

    ◦ Some External Connection

    ◦ API Calls  

  2. Pageobject

    ◦ Page1

    ◦ Page2

  3. Page Drivers or Page Actions (Helper/Utils) This folder contains files which contains some helper methods involving either actions of pages and/or some assertions as well which can be shared among test classes.

    ◦ Helper class 1

    ◦ Helper class 2  

  4. Test (spec)

    ◦ Test Class 1

    ◦ Test Class 2

Any suggestions for naming conventions for No.3 above. Looking for some better way to name and organize code which is more meaningful then just Util or Helpers :).