How can I access an asp drop down lists selected value that is inside a user control from a calling pages page load event handler?

Hopefully this clearly explain the problem I am experiencing.

I have an aspx page.

I also have a user control (ascx). On the user control, there is an asp dropdownlist that is added statically.

My aspx page, dynamically loads the user control in the page load event handler. While in this event handler, I call a method of my user control which has some parameters.

Here is where my problem begins. On drop down list selection, I do a postback. Now, I need to access the selected value of the drop down list in my pages page load event, so that I can send it as an argument when calling my user control method. So my question is, is there any way to access the drop down list selected value from page load of page?

Interface for user control:

public class Workflow
    public interface iControl
        System.Web.UI.Control LoadControl();
        void SetContext();
        int ProcessMe();

Page with the page load event handler that needs access to the drop down list selected value:

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        Control control = LoadControl("~/UserControls/MyTestControl.ascx");

        if (control != null)

            var c = (Workflow.iControl)control;

In terms of why this needs to happen, this is some legacy code that I need to work on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.