Accessing values of filters of List view into Edit view in Asp.Net MVC

In my project we have worker's module. We show a list of workers in list grid(telerik grid) and user can view details in a edit view.

I am working on a new request where we need to add two buttons in edit view called Previous and Next. User can load details of next or previous worker when they press on respective button. This is working properly with static worker id provided in both previous and next functions.

In the list grid we have multiple columns which can be filtered and based on that grid will load workers. enter image description here

For example if user filters the grid on Skill field and Town field then grid will show workers accordingly. What the requirement is if there is any filter selected in the list view and user clicks on next worker button in edit mode than it should show next worker as per the filter. I can easily access these filter values in the list view but i am not sure how can i access this values in the edit view so that i can find out next worker id based on those.

Regards, Savan Parmar