SwiftUI macOS view starts lagging when displaying multiple charts

I am displaying multiple charts in a view.
The charts are just paths in a frame and data comes from an csv file (not bigger than 400mb).
Those charts are displayed inside of a LazyVGrid and the whole view is inside a scroll view.

Loading the view takes about 10 - 20 seconds, but when I start scrolling through the charts, it becomes very laggy.
To solve this I tried to attach .drawingGroup() to the chart views, but there where nearly no performance change.

the code looks something like this:

import SwiftUI

struct GroupView: View {

@State var chartData = [CGFloat]()

  let columns = [
        GridItem(.adaptive(minimum: 720))

  var body: some View {


 ScrollView {
   LazyVGrid(columns: columns){

     CSVChart(data: chartData, chartName: String, x-yaxisName: [String](), lineColor: CGColor)
        .frame(width: 700, height: 300, alignment: .center)
        .drawingGroup() // there is as well no performance change when .drawingGroup()  is inside the chart view



 chartData = // get csv data logic



I know that the csv file is quite large, and that this will cause the slow behaviour, but I thought that other apps aren't that laggy when working with large files so this might be fixable.
It would be great if someone could help me with this problem.