Building softlink inside a file in Linux : Not a directory

I am running the script tedlium/s5/ of Kaldi repository, and encountered the following error : line 30: utils/ Not a directory

Therefore it must be that for some reason in running, the utils dir goes wrong, which led me to debug what actually when wrong. After some study of the code structure, in tedlium/s5/utils, I found a path ../../wsj/s5/utils is directing to a real directory utils. However, as I expect there should be a command building such softlink using ln -s, I did not find such in the compilation procedure.

Also one bash command before the error s5/ seems to be related, but it only adds utils file to the path.

Of course I could build it manually using ln, but which should not occur as I expect (since not mentioned at all in the repo readme). I then wonder how should this softlink be built ? Is there other way to build softlink besides ln ?