Create an application to return detail about how many result I fould using API, Core

Well I'm trying to find out about web API And i just found an test to do just to practice and the test is, create a simple application using web API to return numbers of result about an URL on google but my I'm new in development and need help to get on the track, could someone help out.

Test description:

The CEO from InfoTrack is very interested in SEO and how this can improve Sales. Every morning he searches the keyword “land registry searches” in Google and counts down to see where and how many times their company, sits on the list. Seeing the CEO do this every day, a smart software developer at InfoTrack decides to write a small application for him that will automatically perform this operation and return the result to the screen. They design and code some software that receives a string of keywords, and a string URL. This is then processed to return a string of numbers for where the resulting URL is found in Google. For example “1, 10, 33” or “0”. The CEO is only interested if their URL appears in the first 100 results.

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  • answered 2021-01-20 09:08 Daniel Dos Reis

    Well, I'm just trying to find some link to start it, I didn't aks for the answer.