Can I have Azure File Storage with Web App Service?

I'm new to Azure, using a free 30 day trial.

We are looking to move an existing ASP.NET website hosted on Godaddy to an Azure Web App Service.

The thing is, we have a folder in the ASP.NET website:


which holds thousands of PNG's and JPEG's. These images are shown in various aspx webpages on our ASP.NET website. It's currently around 2GB but could grow to multiple TBs.

I notice the free plan on the Azure Web App Service only allows 1GB of storage. I've read the following:

"Azure Files provides a cloud-based file share for storing and sharing files. 
You then access these files from applications hosted in Azure App Service, an
Azure VM, or an on-premises machine. Azure Files stores and shares file access
between applications and systems in a secure and failure-resilient manner."

But I also read on stack exchange that it only works on Linux with Azure App Service.

Is this still the case, and if so, is there a workaround?

BTW, I have been suggested a Blob is another way though we have no experience with that, seems we would have to make changes to a lot of existing code, and also not I'm not sure how transportable that code would be to other hosting providers if ever desired.