Restore Permissions for IIS inetpub folder

I recently changed the permissions on the inetpub folder for IIS to allow me to share the folder on the network, and since then, all of my IIS sites are failing with either 500.19, or, if I switch the application pool identity to LocalSystem, error 401.3. Based on what I’ve read about these errors, it appears that one or more components of IIS don’t have the correct permissions to access the inetpub folder. I’ve given full control permissions to every user group in the security dialogue for the folder (System, Administrators, Users, and Trusted Installer), but it hasn’t rectified the issue. I have noticed that FTP is functional, this only seems to affect my ASP.NET sites.

How can I restore the default permissions to this folder? Or is there another cause I am overlooking? Thank-you for your help.

1 answer

  • answered 2021-02-19 23:57 semilemon

    The solution was to edit the permissions on the wwwroot folder so that user IIS_IUSRS had read/write permissions. I’m guessing that I accidentally overwrote all of the permissions on the folder when I shared it on my network.