CI/CD - zuul Vs Jenkins in Java EE applications

I am looking for a detailed answer for these two questions to compare Zuul vs Jenkins If your company is about to develop a new Java EE application, Then Which of these tools(Zuul ,Jenkins) would you recommned? why?

If your compnay wants to introduce the CI/CD practice for an existing Java EE application, then which of these tools(Zuul ,Jenkins) would you recommend? why?

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  • answered 2021-02-22 22:54 Rob Evans

    This isn't the right type of question for an SO question ... BUT I'll humour you...

    If I was starting a company and I wanted to pick between the two I'd go for Jenkins. Why? Widely supported/documented, its battle tested, its flexible, its used by developers of all abilities and most people have used CI/CD before so even if devs don't have experience in Jenkins specifically, they'll at least have used something else - GoCD, Bamboo, TeamCity, etc. So hiring someone with the right/relevant experience won't be difficult.

    For an application Jenkins as a CI/CD pipeline is designed for exactly this purpose. Its open source. Its free.

    Zuul, which (from a very brief glance) looks like an API Gateway/proxy type service (similar to Google Apigee, Kong, Nginx type software).

    Zuul is not really targetted at CI/CD in the same way. Its a technology to expose your applications to a wider audience... enabling routing, security (Authorisation/Authentication - OAuth), Load balancing, etc. So for me at least, it doesn't seem like the right tool for the job.

    With Jenkins pipelines your free to do whatever you want in your build/deploy process - add/remove steps (run unit tests, run integration tests, run static analysis, package application(s), deploy application(s)), notify people on the chat rooms (for visibility), email the committer/team when a step fails, etc.

    For CI/CD Jenkins.