coverlet not executing unit test cases

I am trying to run unit test cases and get code coverage via cobertura for .NET framework 4.6.

when i execute coverlet command no unit test cases get executed.

C:\Users\**\Desktop\Newfolder\coverlet.exe E:\test\_work\4\s\CUnitTest\bin\Release\CUnitTest.dll --target "dotnet" --targetargs "vstest E:\test\_work\4\s\CUnitTest\bin\Release\CUnitTest.dll --logger:trx --Settings:E:\test\_work\4\s\CUnitTest\CodeCoverage.runsettings --TestAdapterPath:E:\test\_work\4\s" --format "cobertura"

When i execute vstest.console.exe unit test cases gets executed and a code coverage file also gets generated as well.

vstest.console.exe "E:\test\_work\4\s\CUnitTest\bin\Release\CUnitTest.dll" /Settings:"E:\test\_work\4\s\CUnitTest\CodeCoverage.runsettings" /Logger:"trx" /TestAdapterPath:"E:\test\_work\4\s"

I want to execute coverlet.exe to run unit test cases and get cobertura code coverage result as well. I am not sure what i am missing in this case