UNREGISTER_FIELD on Unmount even with destroyOnUnmount: false

I have a Redux Form with a nested field. When my component renders, it maps through the Redux store at Key1 (a nested object that exists independently of the form) and populates a Dropdown with each nested Key2 (to clarify, these are different keys). When a user selects a Key2 from the dropdown, it creates an input for each value like so: <Field name="key1.key2" />. This registers the nested field in our redux form as expected and allows us to update and filter accordingly.

However, when a user no longer wants this Key2 and deletes the input, it removes the input and dispatches the UNREGISTER_FIELD action creator thereby removing Key2 from our store entirely. Other answers have pointed me to the destroyOnUnmount option, but even with destroyOnUnmount: false, forceUnregisterOnUnmount: false the field is destroyed from both the form and the redux store when the input unmounts.

I would be totally fine if it destroyed the field in the form, but I do not want the field to be removed from the pre-existent object in the store.