Can I access any response that is shown in dev tools?

Here is the scenario...

  • I have an Iframe that is using RightSignature to capture a signed document.
  • When I submit the document in the iframe, I can see in my Dev tools that I have a PUT with a json response that I want to grab.
  • once it is submitted, the page in the iframe is redirected.

So far I have had no luck in capturing the response using just vanilla js and .addEventListener. It seems like there should be a way to do it but I am just curious if what I think should be possible actually is.

So in short, if I can see the response in my Dev Tools, does that mean I should be able to capture it somehow using js, or because it is in an iframe does that not necessarily translate into something that is accessible to me? I just want to know so I dont keep trying to go down a path that leads nowhere.