Spatial temporal analyses using adespatal in Rstudio

I'm currently trying to explore spatial-temporal variation in species composition for a seagrass habitat in one bay. Over the timeframe of a year, I went out monthly and sampled different seagrass habitats throughout the bay and recorded raw counts of species, GPS & time points for each sample, an assigned score of seagrass density and site (1-6), where variables are columns and observations are rows. The bay has been split into 6 sites to explore seasonal effects at different positions in the bay, so the site correlates to the position of the sample.

I've been reading about asymmetric eigenvalue map modeling and it sounds like it sounds works well for my data set, but I'm unsure how to go about it as I'm still fairly new to R. In the package adespatial() there is a specific function that deals with time series, aem.time(), but I don't quite know how to execute with my data. I also wasn't able to find much information on this particular function so any help would be greatly appreciated.