I want to relationship between two table using room persistence library?

I want to implement the 1-N relationship between the two tables using the Room persistence library but below are not working for me where I am going to be wrong if anyone knows please correct me. There is a lot of question asking about the relationship in the room but no one correct so please don't add my question to duplicate. Thanks in advance

parent table

package com.example.musicplayer.Room;
import androidx.room.Entity;
import androidx.room.PrimaryKey;

public class AlbumModel {
    @PrimaryKey (autoGenerate = true)
    private int albumId;

    private String albumName;

    public int getAlbumId() {
        return albumId;

    public void setAlbumId(int albumId) {
        this.albumId = albumId;

    public String getAlbumName() {
        return albumName;

    public void setAlbumName(String albumName) {
        this.albumName = albumName;

child table

package com.example.musicplayer.Room;

import androidx.room.ColumnInfo;
import androidx.room.Entity;
import androidx.room.ForeignKey;
import androidx.room.PrimaryKey;

import static androidx.room.ForeignKey.CASCADE;

@Entity(foreignKeys = {@ForeignKey(entity = AlbumModel.class,
        parentColumns = "albumId",
        childColumns = "albumListID",
        onDelete = ForeignKey.CASCADE)
public class AlbumListModel {
    @PrimaryKey(autoGenerate = true)
    private int listID;

    @ColumnInfo(index = true)
    public int albumListID;

    private String path;

    public int getListID() {
        return listID;

    public void setListID(int listID) {
        this.listID = listID;

    public int getAlbumListID() {
        return albumListID;

    public void setAlbumListID(int albumListID) {
        this.albumListID = albumListID;

    public String getPath() {
        return path;

    public void setPath(String path) {
        this.path = path;


package com.example.musicplayer.Room;

import androidx.room.Embedded;
import androidx.room.Relation;

import java.util.List;

    public class OneToManyRModel {
        public AlbumModel albumModel;
        // this below line code for one foreign key handle(1-N Relationship)
        @Relation(parentColumn = "albumId"
        ,entityColumn = "albumListID")
        public List<AlbumListModel> playList;


package com.example.musicplayer.Room;

import androidx.room.Dao;
import androidx.room.Delete;
import androidx.room.Insert;
import androidx.room.Query;
import androidx.room.Transaction;

import java.util.List;


    public interface AlbumDao {
        @Query("Select * from AlbumModel")
        List<AlbumModel> getAllAlbums();
        void insertAlbum(AlbumModel albumModel);
        @Query("SELECT * FROM AlbumModel")
        List<OneToManyRModel> getUsersWithPlaylists();
        void insertSongListAlbum(List<AlbumListModel> albumListModelList);