Spring MVC JSP Form not Updating with Values from Session

I was having some problem when trying to set the value from session into input for Spring MVC project. In my SessionFilter class, I am generating authentication token:

public static final String CSRFTOKEN = "CSRFToken";
session.setAttribute(Constants.CSRFTOKEN, "test123"); // to be put into jsp hidden field

In my JSP, I am fetching the value from session in this way:

<input type="hidden" name="csrfToken" value="${CSRFToken}" />

However, the problem is, the JSP form does not update the value from session. For instance, in first click, the token value is test123, then it is set to the form already, then I will run the SessionFilter class again to regenerate the token, in this case, it generates test456. When I go to my JSP again, the token shown is still test123.

Is there any way to force update the JSP form with value from session?