pandas writing to HDF5 a DataFrame with MultiIndex with level named 'index'

Is it forbidden in pandas to write to an HDF5 file a MultiIndex DataFrame with a level named 'index'? Should I consider it a bug or I am doing something wrong?

import pandas as pd

# crashes with 'IndexError: tuple index out of range'
pd.DataFrame(data={'index':['A'], 'b':['B'], 'x':[0]}).set_index(['index','b']
    ).to_hdf('temp.h5', 'xxx', format='table')

# works fine
pd.DataFrame(data={'index2':['A'], 'b':['B'], 'x':[0]}).set_index(['index2','b']
    ).to_hdf('temp.h5', 'xxx', format='table')

print(pd.__version__) # 0.25.1

Thank you!