Transfer xml file from service A to service B using spring cloud stream spring-cloud-kafka-binder Spring v(2.3.9)

What is the best way to transfer XML file or data from Service A to B using Spring cloud Stream & Spring-cloud-Kafka-binder without having to Marshalling and Unmarshalling XML in Service A, Option 1. Convert xml to String and transfer which works but in Service B, it is very difficult to parse complex XML from a String Option 2. put xml data to byte array byte[] = file.getByte(); This option probably works but it gives following error "[truncated 3439 bytes]; line: 1, column: 2]; nested exception is com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonParseException: Unexpected character ('<' (code 60)): expected a valid value (JSON String, Number, Array, Object or token 'null', 'true' or 'false') at [Source: (byte[])"

Example Publisher @EnableBinding(Source.class) @RestController("/") public class PublishFileController {

private MessageChannel output;

@PostMapping(value="/upload", produces=MediaType.APPLICATION_XML_VALUE)
public ResponseEntity<Object> uploadFile(@RequestParam("file") MultipartFile file) {
    try {
        byte[] getDetails = file.getBytes();
    } catch (Exception e) {

Example Subscriber @EnableBinding(Sink.class) public class I850Controller {

private Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(I850Controller.class);

public void getFile(Byte[] s) throws ParserConfigurationException, SAXException, IOException {



Any help would be appreciated