How to hide StepForward button and StepBackward button in AVPictureInPictureController?

Here is my pip code:

private lazy var playerLayer: AVPlayerLayer = {
    let layer = AVPlayerLayer()
    let mp4Video = Bundle.main.url(forResource: "v1", withExtension: "MP4")
    let asset = AVAsset.init(url: mp4Video!)
    let playerItem = AVPlayerItem.init(asset: asset)
    let player = AVPlayer.init(playerItem: playerItem)
    layer.player = player
    player.isMuted = true
    return layer

private lazy var pipVC: AVPictureInPictureController = {
    let vc = AVPictureInPictureController.init(playerLayer: playerLayer)
    vc?.delegate = self
    return vc!

Is there any way to hide these two buttons?