Unhandled error: ,Script error for "enzyme"

I am trying to set up enzyme for React Testing and during the set up it fails with the following error.

Error: Unhandled error: script error for enzyme. Error: Unhandled error: ,Script error for "react", needed by: test/js/steps/test.tsx

Setup: App: MyProj Enzyme: https://github.com/jonmbake/enzyme-umd from this built enzyme-react.js & enzyme-react.min.js (was looking for UMD module) Test Framework: Cucumberjs


import * as React from "react";
import { shallow } from 'enzyme';
import App from "reactui/App";
import { Base } from "reactui/Base";
import chai = require('js/chai');
import control = require('test/js/Control');

var expect = chai.expect;

function supWrapper() {

  Given(/^App is running$/, function () {

    const wrapper = shallow(<App ag={control.getAg()} />)
    var agvalue = expect(wrapper.find(Base).prop('ag').props.checked).to.be.not.null;
    return (agvalue);
export = supWrapper;

Where am I going wrong?? Any help appreciated