For-In-loop in React to clear out array of items(by their id) only clears one item initially

Im using React and trying to reuse a redux method I created, which deletes one item at a time. The idea is that I am implementing an onClick handler that I attached to a button. That button is a 'clear all' button and when I click that button, its supposed to loop through with an For-In-Loop. The array that it loops through is an array of id's to be deleted(filteredStoppedBots array). The code I wrote for this visually deletes one item visually, but still shows the other items. However, if I were to refresh the page after, the other items are gone. This is also being reflected in the console. Lets say there are three id's in the array intially. Then I click the clear all button and it visually deletes one item, and also in the array. But when I refresh the page, all items are gone, which is what is supposed to be. Im trying to find out why its behaving as such. BTW, It is supposed to delete all items asyncrously 1000 milleseconds apart from each other. Which is why I also implement async await. Please see code below:

      const clearStoppedConfigs = async () => {
        for (const id in filteredStoppedBots) {
          await actions.deleteConfig(filteredStoppedBots[id]);

console.log("filteredStoppedBots array", filteredStoppedBots)

And here is the image of the filteredStoppedBots array filteredStoppedBots array

Action creator for this is as below:

    // Action Creator
        function deleteConfig(configId) {
          return {
            type: DELETE_CONFIG,

// deleteConfig Delete Call to API
async function deleteConfig(configId) {
  const options = {
    method: 'DELETE',
    headers: {
      'content-type': 'application/json'
    url: `${ALGOS_API_ROOT}/configs/${configId}`
  return axios(options);

AND the Saga

function* deleteBotConfigWorker(data) {
  const { configId } = data;
  const {
    algos: {
      bots: {
  } = yield select();

  const res = yield call(deleteConfigApi, configId);
  const { configId: deletedConfigId } = res;
  const newBotConfigs = Object.keys(botConfigs).reduce((configs, id) => {
    if (id === deletedConfigId) {
      return configs;
    configs[id] = botConfigs[id];
    return configs;
  }, {});
  yield put(setBotConfigs(newBotConfigs));

  const botConfigIdsForCurrentBotId = Object.keys(newBotConfigs).filter(id => newBotConfigs[id].botId === currentBotId);
  if (deletedConfigId === currentConfigId) {
    if (botConfigIdsForCurrentBotId.length) {
      const [selectedConfigId] = botConfigIdsForCurrentBotId;
      yield put(setCurrentBotAndConfig(currentBotId, selectedConfigId));
    } else {
      yield put(resetCurrentBotAndConfig());

It deletes one item at a time and works for that purpose.