React-dnd multiple elements

I can make react-dnd drag easily having a single element to drag over however I have array of 4 fields I'd like to make draggable. In my example code down below it creates four boxes from mapping the array and each box has a className of 'element'. Which should make them all draggable however they won't move.

Here is my drag code:

 const ELEMENT = 'element';
    const [{ isDragging }, drag, dragPreview] = useDrag(() => ({
      type: ELEMENT,
      collect: (monitor) => ({
        isDragging: monitor.isDragging()

Here is my draggable element:

 {,i) =>  
   <div key={i} ref={dragPreview} style={{ opacity: isDragging ? 0.5 : 1}}>
        <div className='element' ref={drag}></div>            

Any ideas? Do I need to do something more within the type or className?