How to check access based on both userId and dataId using the Google Healthcare Consent API?

Users can add other users to their careteam and assign a role to each member of their careteam. When accessing the profile of another user, the system should check if the user gave consent to do this.

Question 1: How to check if user X gave consent to view the profile of user Y?

Question 2: Can Google Healthcare Consent API handle this?

Question 3: Does it make sense to use Google Healthcare Consent API for this?

Current concept

Example use case: Grandma is the patient and Alice is taking care of her in a "doctor" context.

In the current setup, there is a dataMapping for each careteam member:

  userId: 'id_of_alice',
  dataId: 'users/id_of_grandma/profile',
  resourceAttributes: [
      attributeDefinitionId: 'careteam',
      values: ['doctor']

I used two methods to check if Alice has access to Grandma's profile:


This method takes a dataId as input and returns true if consent was given to ANY user. That's not very useful... Should I lookup the userId on my side and pass the role in requestAttributes? (What does the Consent API offer then?)


This method takes a userId as input and returns all consented dataIds. This does not seem scalable. A doctor may have access to thousands of patients.

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