Use IFNULL with WHERE IN - php

How use IFNULL function in mysqli php? I make a query, where I want to find price for items, and then added it to another array, but not for all items price exist.

$uquery="select ifnull(price, 0) as price from trm_in_pricelist_items where pricelist_id=".$pricelist[$i]." and item in (".$q.")";
$usql=mysqli_query($tc, $uquery) or die(mysqli_error($tc));
    if($urow['price'] == '0'){
    array_push($localItems[$u], $urow['price']);

$q - it's a prepared IN sentense (e.g. "1", "2", "3" etc).

For exampe - Price for item "2" doesn't exist, and I want push in $localItems[] '-1' value, but query does't return any values for this item. So, how can I get any value, if price or whole row for item in table is null/not exist?