Swagger UI not working for REST API (asp.net web api2) application

I have asp.net mvc project with .NET Framework 4.7.2 and the same project contains asp.net web api2 controller in a separate folder : Controllers. The solution is legacy. The API are already in use in the PRODUCTION environment. Now I added the Swagger nuget package (Install-Package Swashbuckle -Version 5.6.0) to this existing project. Post that I see a SwaggerConfig.cs added to the App_Start folder of the Solution Explorer.

Here the asp.net mvc controllers are used by App1 pointing to the server: www.app1.com and asp.net web api2 controllers are used by another frontend angular app: App2 pointing to the server : www.app2.com

The complete deployment package for both App1 and App2 are hosted in IIS

Any request related to App1 is handled by www.app1.com and any api request related to App2 (Angular frontend) is handled by App1 only using IIS Rewrite rules at App2 level which redirect any api request to App1 only.

Now in this case when I tried to navigate to www.app1.com/swagger , I see it is loading the SwaggerUI for me, but when I tried to navigate to www.app2.com/swagger it is not working and instead of that it is loading the Angular frontend application

Here goes the App1 and App2 at IIS level:

enter image description here

Can anyone help me here by providing their guidance to fix this issue?