Cookies are not created in google Chrome, works fine with fire fox

I have created an App for Oracle Eloqua, It opens in a menu on my Oracle Eloqua account. When clicking on the App it expected to create a cookie for later Use. When clicking on the App a login button appears, which when clicked opens a pop up window that takes to Oracle website for oAuth verification and after login, it is expected to redirect to the parent window(and xlosing pop up window). Now it works as expected in FireFox but in Google Chrome it does not create cookie when I click on the App and I almost do not know what is Happening there. I have read so many articles and tried so many things but I dont know why cookie is not created on chrome. It created cookies on chrome only after the Oauth verification from Oracle which mean cookies can be created on Chrome but as It does not creates a cookie when App is clicked it messes up the whole logic. my code is as following

@GetMapping(path = "/login/oauth/signing")
public String eloquaOauthSigning(HttpServletRequest request, Model model, RedirectAttributes redirectAttributes,
                                 HttpServletResponse response) {

    try {
        if (StringUtils.isAnyEmpty(request.getParameter("oauth_consumer_key"),
                request.getParameter("oauth_timestamp"), request.getParameter("oauth_nonce"),
                request.getParameter("oauth_signature"), request.getParameter("site"))) {
            logger.error("Oauth request parameters are mandatory for oauth signing");
            throw new LoginException("Oauth request parameters are mandatory for oauth signing");
        //response.setHeader("Set-Cookie", "key=value; HttpOnly; SameSite=strict");

        CookieDefinition sourceSiteCookieDefinition = CookieDefinition.builder()
        Cookie siteCookie = cookieService.createCookie(sourceSiteCookieDefinition);
        request.setAttribute("siteCookie", siteCookie);

        CookieDefinition emailSiteCookieDefinition = CookieDefinition.builder()
        Cookie siteCookieForEmail = cookieService.createCookie(emailSiteCookieDefinition);
        request.setAttribute("siteCookieForEmail", siteCookieForEmail);
        //TODO FIXIT Check it
        //redirectAttributes.addFlashAttribute(EloquaApiConstants.SITE_COOKIE_FOR_EMAIL, siteCookieForEmail.getValue());

    } catch (LoginException e) {
        redirectAttributes.addFlashAttribute(EloquaApiConstants.OAUTH_ERROR, true);

    redirectAttributes.addFlashAttribute(EloquaApiConstants.OAUTH_FLAG, true);

    return "redirect:/login/oauth/login-with-eloqua";

I also thought to set cookie in response and then get them in required controller as a work around but It return null. Thanks in advance