How to count the number of messages sent between two users and get the max value of that number

I should find two users that have sent maximum messages between each other.

message_id sender_id receiver_id message
1 1 2 congrat
2 2 1 yes
3 3 1 by
4 1 3 thanks
5 1 4 goodbye

I can count the number of messages between two particular users, but how to do that for all users and after that find which one is max.

select Count(*) from tb_Messages
where (sender_id = 1 AND receiver_id = 2)
OR (receiver_id = 2 AND sender_id = 1)

It should be done like this but i need to include (group) one combinations of two users counted as one pair:

 create or replace view View1 as
 select sender_id,receiver_id,count(message_id) as result1 from tb_Message
 group by sender_id;

 select * from View1 where result=(select max(result1) from View1);