dll load failed with error code 3221225501 in dlib based app packaged with pyupdater(pyinstaller)

I have created a simple person counting application using Mobile Net SSD and dlib tracker, following https://www.pyimagesearch.com/2018/08/13/opencv-people-counter/.

I have packaged this app using pyupdater, and it is working fine on Windows 10 64-bit System. When I installed it on Windows 7 64-bit, It raises dll not found exception at line where I am importing dlib and application stops working.

I don't know, what is being happened. Is there anyone to guide me in this regard.


The screen shot of complete traceback is attached below: enter image description here

Note: At line three the statement is 'import dlib'

Python Version is: 3.7.9 64-bit

dlib version is : 19.21.1