ZIO and multiple callbacks

I'm quite new to using ZIO. I'm currently writing a crypto trading bot in Scala and I am trying to learn ZIO at the same time. Now I'm opening a websocket, this websocket gives multiple callbacks until it is closed which I'm struggling to integrate in my code. My current code:

object Main extends zio.App with Logging {
   def run(args: List[String]): URIO[Any with Console, ExitCode] = Configuration.getConfiguration.fold(onError, start).exitCode

   private val interval: CandlestickInterval = CandlestickInterval.ONE_MINUTE

   private def onError(exception: ConfigurationException): ZIO[Any, Throwable, Unit]  = {
     logger.info("Could not initialize traderbot!")

   private final def start(configuration: Configuration): ZIO[Any, Throwable, Unit] = {
      for {
        binanceClient <- IO.succeed(BinanceApiClientFactory.newInstance(configuration.apiKey, configuration.secret))
        webSocketClient <- IO.succeed(binanceClient.newWebSocketClient())
        candlesticks <- Task.effectAsync[CandlestickEvent] {
          callback =>
            interval, d => callback(IO.succeed(d))
        // TODO Calculate RSI from candlesticks.
   } yield candlesticks

I would like keep receiving candlestick events and keep things functional. I saw a few things about Zio Streams, but I can't find examples that deal with recurring callbacks and are simple to understand. Now I can't use my Candlestick code to in de for comprehension.

Thanks for your time!