How can i solve this: 'NameError: name 'outpt_attr' is not defined'

When i run the input placeQuad(-0.9,-0.4,1.0), i keep getting this error 'NameError: name 'outpt_attr' is not defined'. any help will be highly appreciated: code is below;

pt1= Point(0,0)
##collection of point and a circle

# indentify qaud boundaries
def placeQuad(x,y,r):
    circle = Point(0,0).buffer(1)

### creating quadrants
    q1 = Polygon([(0,0),(0,1),(1,1),(1,0),(0,0)]).intersection(circle)
    q2 = Polygon([(0,0),(0,1),(-1,1),(-1,0),(0,0)]).intersection(circle)
    q3 = Polygon([(0,0),(-1,0),(-1,-1),(0,-1),(0,0)]).intersection(circle)
    q4 = Polygon([(0,0),(0,-1),(1,-1),(1,0),(0,0)]).intersection(circle)
### storing the quadrants into a dictionary
    quadrants = {"Quad1":q1, "Quad2":q2, "Quad3":q3, "Quad4":q4}
    pt = Point(x,y)
    outQuadrants = dict()
    for key, quadrant in quadrants.items():
        if pt.intersects(quadrant):
            print ("point ({},{}) plots inside Quadrant {}".format(x,y,key))

       ###outer quadrants

    if len(outQuadrants) == 4:
        global outpt_attr 
        outpt_attr= dict()  
    for key, quadrant in outQuadrants.items():
        center_dist = pt.distance(quadrant.centroid)
        arc_dist = pt.distance(quadrant)
        outpt_attr.update({key: [round(center_dist,2), round(arc_dist,2)]})
        print ("pt({},{}) plots outside {}. Distance to closest point on arc is {:.2f}, \
                   while distance to centre of quadrant is {}".format())  

##input values placeQuad(-0.9,-0.4,1.0)