I want to represent a django table header as a checkbox

I'm making a django table using django-tables2. What I want is to create a header cell as a checkbox but the problem is django-tables2 doesn't seem to render html when passed as verbose. Here is my table code :

class AllTable(tables.Table):
   CHECKBOX_TEMPLATE = ' <input id="forms_check" type="checkbox" name="forms_check" pk="{{record.pk}}" /> '

   _ = tables.TemplateColumn(CHECKBOX_TEMPLATE)
   _.verbose_name = "<input type='checkbox'>"

   class Meta:
       model = models.All
       template_name = "django_tables2/bootstrap.html"
       fields = ("_","id","name")

The result i'm getting is as follow :

enter image description here

What I want is a checkbox instead. Please if anyone knows the way can you guide me through this. Thanks.

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