DomPDF working fine last week Friday but suddenly all are not working come Monday

Some weird thing has happened over the weekend. No changes in the server and PHP version is still 7.4.

I've been using domPDF for about 2 years now. All plugin files are LOCALLY downloaded to my server folder so I don't have to worry if there are any updates or something. But 4th quarter last year, suddenly it has stopped working. Found out my current domPDF version is not compatible w PHP 7.4. Back then, I've upgraded my domPDF version to .8 and updated all codes related to generating PDFs.

I thought I will not have any problems anymore after that. Then all of a sudden, everything has stopped working early this week. No code changes made at all, no updates in our server and I did not even touch any files in domPDF folder (well I don't even edit any file there). What happens is when the files are being downloaded, browser just becomes PLAIN WHITE or literally nothing is being downloaded too.

So I googled and googled and updated to most recent version which is 1.0.2. I was able to make it work (and imagine, update all related files lol), but then some content are not working properly after. In the end I was able to fix it. But my problem is, what if this happens again? It is really hassle to track down and debug everything of something you don't edit at all but suddenly stops working. That is really a pain for developers.

Why is domPDF like this? I feel like even if files are all in local folder, there is something that the plugin updates without me knowing? Am I missing something? Is there anything that I should setup so this won't happen again? It is really a hassle because I have lots of PHP files with PDF downloads. :(

I Googled a lot to research about this issue in order to fix the blank page. Then I found some threads that could be related to me. I don't understand the Chroot part. :(

Now my question again is, is there anything I should do to prevent this from happening? Do I need to setup something on my local domPDF files so it doesn't get affected when there's a new version? Can someone please enlighten me. This eats a lot of my dev time debugging. I don't want it to happen again in the future.