AWS SendMessage using PHP

I want to send a Message to a SQS queue. At the moment I am using a crom.yaml in a worker environment that looks like this:

version: 1
  - name: "dispatch"
    url: "/jobs/send_test_email.php"
    schedule: "32 12 * * *"

The schedule doesn't matter here, I just wanted to show what the cronjob looks like at the moment. I don't know exactly how to tell the queue to run the script in the path above. I would say with the MessageAttribute, but I can't quite figure it out. Also: is it possible to pass additional information to the queue as a post request? Like this for example:

$params = [
    'MessageAttributes' => [
        "executeThis" => [
            'url' => "/jobs/send_test_email.php"
      "post" => [
            'variable' => "250"
    'MessageBody' => "something",
    'QueueUrl' => 'QUEUE_URL'