Angular unable to locate stylesheet warning

I have get a warning like this

Warning: Unable to locate stylesheet: D:\Angular\certification\Angular8Certification\https:\\bootstrap\4.4.1\css\bootstrap.min.css     

I am new to Angular. When I add css It did not apply. What is the reason and what should I want to do?

Here is my console enter image description here

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  • answered 2021-05-14 17:29 Sujal Shah


    This warning is caused by new update in polyfills.

    Solution is:

    1. Remove all bootstrap cdn links from index.html

    2. Install bootstrap > npm install bootstrap

    3. Next, go the angular.json file and add the paths of Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript files to the styles and scripts arrays under the build target as follows: enter image description here

    4. ng serve --open again.


    enter image description here

    This solution worked for me.