Member should be declared before all private instance

private userSubject$: BehaviorSubject<UserModel> = new BehaviorSubject<UserModel>(null);
userChanged$: Observable<UserModel> = this.userSubject$.asObservable();

It says:

Member userChanged$ should be declared before all private instance field definitions.eslint@typescript-eslint/member-ordering

I like this rule. But how can I use the above code without disabling this rule?

If I'll change the order then it says:

Property 'userSubject$' is used before its initialization.

1 answer

  • answered 2021-05-15 16:07 MrCodingB

    You can move the initialization into the constructor:

    userChanged$: Observable<UserModel>;
    private userSubject$: BehaviorSubject<UserModel>;
    constructor() {
        this.userSubject$ = new BehaviorSubject<UserModel>(null);
        this.userChanged$ = this.userSubject$.asObservable();